Engineering Staffing and Professional Services

Engineering Staffing and Professional Services

Our Sales and Recruiting Teams have more than twenty years of experience in finding top engineering talents in a number of industries such as energy and utilities (nuclear power, pipeline construction, natural gas drilling, solar, wind), medical device manufacturing, industrial, manufacturing, heavy electrical and equipment manufacturing, hi-tech electronics, pharmaceutical, construction, packaging and food services, robotics and aerospace.

We pride ourselves in recruiting the most qualified and most suitable individuals for the job. This requires finding a person who has the necessary education and work experience and is willing to work at the right pay. We also ensure that the person is available for long-term employment in order to provide value to our client.

We have the knowledge, customer focus, and know how to help our clients to hire staff in important positions such as Chief Engineer, Applications Engineer, Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineers, Construction Project Managers, Project Planners, HVAC Engineer, Architects etc.

Below are some of the Engineering roles we can help you to fill:

  • Engineering — Mechanical and Civil Engineers, Mechanical and Civil Designers and Drafters, Engineering Managers, Safety Professionals, Pipeline Engineers and Inspectors, Piping Designers, Quality Engineers, Instrumentation and Controls Engineers and Technicians, Nuclear Engineers and Technicians, Planners and Schedulers
  • Oil and Gas — Well Site Consultants, Drilling Foremen, Field Safety Supervisors, Rig Managers, Derrick Workers, Surveyors, Wireline Operators, Field Engineers, Drilling Operators, GIS Specialists, Petroleum Engineers, Compressor Operators, Geologists, Soil Scientists, Chemical and Environmental Engineers
  • Construction — Civil Engineers, Construction Quality Engineers, Architects, Planners, Project Engineers, HVAC Engineers
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech — Laboratory Technicians, Microbiologists, Packaging Operators, Biochemists, Documentation Specialists, Process Engineers, Quality Assurance Associates, Calibration Technicians, Validation Engineers and Technicians, Facilities Engineers, CSV Specialists
  • Medical Device — Quality Engineers, Product Manager, Validation Engineers, Electro-Mechanical Engineers, Embedded Software Engineers, UX/UI Engineers, QA Managers, Sales Engineers, Service Engineers, Product Improvement Quality Engineers, CNC Operators
  • Food Packaging — Packaging Engineer, Food Process Engineer, Product Development Engineer, Food Manufacturing Engineers, Plant Engineers, Plant Managers, Plant Controllers, Facilities Engineer, Instrumentation Engineer, Food Safety & Sanitation Manager, Maintenance Engineer, Controls Engineer, Automation Engineer
  • Hi-Tech Electronics/Robotics — Robotics Engineer, Electronics Technician, QA Engineers, Test Engineers, FPGA Engineer, Robotics and Controls Engineer, Robotics Software Engineer, Mechanical Robotics Engineer, Robotics Systems Engineer, Deep Learning Engineer, Optical Systems Engineer, I&C Design Engineer, Semi-Conductor Device Engineer